Hack the crisis!

After such a shock that we had in 2020, it is unlikely that life will ever be the same again. During the online edition of Baltic-Nordic Event Forum, we will search new goals, solutions and the ways live and virtual events should coexist in the future.

We have such outstanding names as:

  • Roland Greil (the designer of Rammstein worldwide tour show and Genesis festival in London),
  • Iggy Rosenberg (who is well known as designer and executor of large touring shows for Tesla, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson and The Rolling Stones),
  • Ulrike Tondorf (global brand director at Bayer),
  • William Galimberti (global marketing director at Red Bull) and others.
  • Great variety of event agencies all around the Baltic Sea Region: Vok Dams, Jack Morton, GPJ, Allegro, Meduza, Arena and many more.

These people will talk about goals, sale strategies, investments, resilience, crisis and the things that will follow after – the future. By the end of the day the Amber Event Awards takes place in a new format. The shift towards virtuality is happening faster than expected. And even if the best projects are yet to happen, we’d like to take a look at the platforms, tools and activities that were born during these difficult times.

Hybrid, online, live stream, webinars are in the focus. These prototypes largely determine the future formats of the industry, and we want You to become the founders and witnesses of those events that will invariably take place in the industry of the future.

Join us and let’s hack this crisis!
Become the Architect of the Future!