Marketing During and After Corona - How learnings from the Chinese advertising market can help brands plan ahead

In this webinar we will explore winning strategies from brands that have been through the Covid-19 crisis in China. Rogier Bikker from our sister agency TOMORROW will share his learnings from Shanghai. Together we will analyze present brand communications and discuss what to do in order to not lose sight of the future.



Ebba Hultengren | Deputy CEO and CD @Jung
Jung is a PR and marketing agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We give purpose to brands, build stories that set them apart and create ideas that pay off. By injecting brands with creative and intellectual diversity we put them at the center of the cultural conversation.

Rogier Bikker | CEO @TOMMOROW China
TOMORROW is a creative agency based in Shanghai, China. We believe in walking before talking. Function before form. Humans before consumers. Insights before what’s in sights. Utility before illusions. Hard results before impressions. Creating history before press releases. We are TOMORROW. Always a day ahead.


TIME: Apr 1, 2020 08:30 AM in Stockholm